Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords

It Begins...

Our story began with our heroes assembled around the food tables near the new Sandpoint Cathedral. A day which should have been one of celebration, jubilation, and other uplifting -ations was instead marked by chaos and fire as a horde of goblins sprang out across the town. While the source of these vermin remains unclear, the damage they did is undeniable.

Virtually the only positive development of the day was Sandpoint’s recognition of the mighty new heroes in their midst. From the Zen Archer Gwen to the charismatic Malack Spinebreaker, the town’s champions were toasted in many a tavern. While Elris rested on his laurels and told tales of piling goblins three high, Curtis took to the streets, seeking even more heroic deeds. While there were few enough problems to solve in the immediate moment, the brave companions did manage to clear the last, lurking goblin out of a cellar. A boar hunt to the nearby Tickwood also met with success. Their host for that event, one Aldern Foxglove, was delighted to meet the adventuring party, paying particular heed to every word spoken by Malack. The young nobleman seemed to want lessons in being a hero, and most of the new-minted heroes were happy to oblige.

While the town was able to look back and laugh – rather nervously – about the antics of their pint-sized invaders, the towns leaders feared for the future. Scouts reported increasing signs of collaboration amongst the local goblin tribes, and the town’s Sheriff, some of his men, and a local ranger set forth to the great city of Magnimar to seek aid and soldiers. With the towns defenders away, locals had to seek out our heroes for aid when unexpected troubles arose.

One such incident began with the halfling maid Bethana Corwin seeking out the champions. Her employer, Ameiko Kaijitsu, had uncharacteristically failed to begin work that day, and her room had been left in suspicious condition. Her bed had not been slept in, and a crumpled note had been left on her floor – a missive in her native tongue from her vanished half brother, telling her to meet him at the family’s Glassworks at midnight. The note accused their father of complicity in the town’s recent troubles with the goblins – which is all well and good, but Ameiko hasn’t been seen since. The heroes rushed to the Glassworks to investigate…


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